James Reid Talks About Being In A Love Team: ‘It’s unstoppable’

James Reid is one of the Pinoy celebrities who went through a love team phase

Actor-singer James Reid said that being in a love team in the Philippine entertainment industry was unstoppable.

James had an onscreen partnership with Nadine Lustre for many years. From being love team partners, romance bloomed between them in real life. They were known as the JaDine couple.

james reid nadine lustre
📷: The Jadine Land

They are among the love team of their generation who have a huge fandom. Although their relationship in real life and their onscreen partnership ended, they remained friends. Nadine is now being managed by James’s Careless Music.

The actress is now in a relationship with Siargao-based businessman Christopher Bariou while James has not confirmed anything yet about his love life.

In a recent interview on Fun With Dumb, the weekly podcast of American Rapper Dumbfoundead, based on the article in Manila Bulletin, James Reid shared her journey in showbiz.

He admitted that at first, he has no interest in entering the entertainment industry but he has learned to love it realizing that he can do music. However, the focus was put on his acting, especially when he was paired with Nadine.

“I think TV actors are like the biggest thing in the Philippines more than movies; more than artists, singers,” James shared. He and Nadine did several projects together that boosted their career as a showbiz pair.

james reid nadine lustre
📷: @jadinehanggangdulo IG

So in the Philippines, there’s this thing called ‘love team’ where they get two actors and they put them together, and if the audience likes the chemistry every project you do after that it’s always with that same person,” the Fil-Am celebrity said.

Upon hearing this, DJ Rick Lee was surprised and commented that it was like an “arranged show business marriage.” Then, Dumbfounded likened this scenario in Philippine showbiz to Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan who were paired in films back in the 90s.

James said that it is more like a Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) thing and that Pinoys are also doing this kind of naming. When Rick asked the actor-singer how to stop this, he said, “You can’t.”

“Once they ship you and there are fans behind, it’s unstoppable. There’s nothing you can do about it,” James Reid added.

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