Romblon Tourist Spots – Must-See Attraction Of This Province

What are the Romblon tourist spots? Find out here!

ROMBLON TOURIST SPOTS – This province is at the heart of the PH archipelago in the Luzon region and these are the attractions of this place.

Are you going to Romblon and wondering where to go and what tourist spots to see?

The capital of the province of Romblon is Romblon and this province is a part of the MIMAROPA region or Region 4B. Apart from being famous for its marble industry, this province also has a rich history and is home to a lot of white sand beaches.

There are a lot of tourist attractions in the “Marble Capital of the Philippines”. Find out some below!

  1. Bonbon Beach
    This must be on top of your list if you wish to see real paradise. This is four kilometers away from the town. This beach boasts a 2-kilometer stretch of white sandbar.
  2. Carabao Island 
    Found south of Tablas Island and north of Boracay Island is the Carabao Island. This place has powdery beaches, caves, and cliffs where adventure seekers can go cliff diving.
  3. Cresta de Gallo Island 
    This stretch of sand lies off the southeastern coast of Sibuyan Island. This is among the best sandbars in the country the reason why this is something you should not miss.
  4. Mount Guiting-Guiting 
    This mountain stands at around 2,058 meters above sea level. If you want the thrill and adventure, the hike to the peak of this mountain will take 4 days and once you are on top, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful view.
  5. Cantingas River
    This is found in the southwestern region of Sibuyan Island. The water is clean, among the cleanest inland rivers in the Philippines, and you will be surrounded by lush greenery.
  6. Tiamban Beach
    Among the most popular beaches here is Tiamban Beach which is just five kilometers away from the town proper. There are some resorts around the area if you wish to stay overnight.
  7. Fort San Andres 
    Just like the other historical spots in the Philippines, this structure is made of coral stones and bricks. It has a panoramic view of Romblon’s coast and this place is among the National Cultural Treasures of the country.
  8. Blue Hole 
    This is a famous spot for diving. This tunnel runs around 27 to 32 meters and its walls are a home for corals and several fish species.
  9. St. Joseph Cathedral 
    This historical landmark is also called Romblon Cathedral built in the 15th century. Throughout the years, the church underwent several repairs and reconstruction.

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