Impostor Customers Steal Worth P300,000 of High-End Mobile Phones

P300k Worth of High-End Mobile Phones Stole by Impostor Customers

Six high-end cellphones valued at a staggering P300,000 were snatched by impostor customers at a shop in Iloilo City.

The robbery was caught on CCTV as a male individual approached the store, pretending to be interested in the products and asking for assistance from a saleslady. The seemingly ordinary exchange, however, took an unexpected turn when two other guys entered the premises, joining the first suspect.

One of the newcomers, wearing a hat, bravely attempted to access a display shelf, drawing the store attendant’s attention.

Impostor Customers

A man dressed in gray and a woman dressed in white entered the establishment and made their way toward the commotion. Taking advantage of the disarray, the man in gray began secretly transferring the targeted products into the bag carried by the woman in white.

The local authorities are pursuing the suspects responsible for the fearless robbery. They will also use the CCTV footage as a crucial tool in identifying and bringing the criminals to justice.

The recent robbery incident serves as a reminder to business owner to improve awareness and preventative measures, especially in environments where valuable merchandise is on display.

Earlier this week, a lady vendor’s cellphone was snatched in Quezon City, her E-wallet was emptied by the suspect

In modern times, when sophisticated criminal tactics can quickly exploit vulnerabilities in our daily lives, diligence and discernment are necessary. While the stolen cellphones are a great loss, the incident offers a chance for communities to come together, strengthen their security systems, and collectively protect against such bold criminal activities in the future.

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