SSS Benefits Requirements — Full List of Documents Needed in Filing Claim

Guide on SSS Benefits Requirements Members Should Prepare in Processing Claim

SSS BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS – Here is a complete guide on the lists of documents needed in filing a benefit claim to the Social Security System.

Millions of Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad are members of the Social Security System, a social insurance institution giant in the country. The SSS members submit a monthly contribution based on the nature of their income and the amount.

SSS Benefits Requirements
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The SSS savings qualify a member to the benefits and loans offered by the state-run social insurance agency. You can check the SSS benefits requirements below.

SSS Benefits Requirements Members Must Submit to Apply

SSS Sickness Benefit

The Social Security System crafted a benefit offer that its members can turn to in times of sickness or injury that results to absence from work for at least four (4) days. It is open for both home and hospital confinement and the requirements for SSS Sickness Benefit Claim should be submitted to the nearest branch of the SSS.

SSS Disability Benefit

Apart from sickness, the SSS is also an entity that its members can turn to when the unwanted disability or injury takes place. It has set requirements for SSS Disability Benefit Claim application which covers both partial permanent and total permanent disabilities.

SSS Maternity Benefit

In times of pregnancy, female members of the SSS may turn to the state-run social insurance agency for a Maternity Benefit. It is important to inform your employer or the SSS about your pregnancy within sixty days since conception and prepare the requirements for SSS Maternity Benefit.

SSS Funeral Benefit

The Social Security System has also crafted a benefit that provides financial assistance for the funeral of a qualified deceased member. There are specific requirements for SSS Funeral Benefit Claim Application.

SSS Death Benefit

In time of death, the family of a deceased member of the Social Security System (SSS) may turn to the Death Benefit to take a monetary claim in regard to the savings of the deceased member. The beneficiaries should prepare and submit the requirements for SSS Death Benefit to a branch of the state-run social insurance institution.

SSS Death Benefit

The Social Security System has also crafted a benefit offer for the employees of the private companies in times of sickness, disability, injury, or death. There is a separate list of SSS Employees Compensation Requirements as well as the coverage of the offer.

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