Lea Salonga Reiterates Boundaries Of Artists

In an interview, this is what Lea Salonga stressed after being asked about the viral encounter with her “fans”.

The dressing room incident of Lea Salonga and fans went viral and recently, the singer reiterated the same thoughts in this interview.

After a performance in the musical “Here Lies Love” at the Broadway Theater in New York, Lea Salonga experienced something that is uncomfortable for her as an artist. Some “fans” of hers barged into her room asking for photos with her.

The incident was caught in a video and the video of Lea’s encounter with some fans circulated and went viral online.

The video earned mixed reactions online and after it created a loud buzz online, Lea left this reminder to the people: “Just a reminder… I have boundaries. Do not cross them. Thank you.”

And recently, in an interview in New York Live, she reiterated the same stand when it comes to this matter. She believes that there should be a gap between the “art” and the “artist”.

Just like everyone, they are also human beings and they need privacy. She was not comfortable in that situation as seen in the video.

The Broadway singer added that for performers like her, doing a show is exhausting. May it be a one-hour or two-hour performance, the preparation is still the same.

She said based on the interview, “So, I think, it started a conversation, I think, that has enabled a lot of artists to say, ‘I need to protect my own boundaries, too.’”

Meanwhile, in a previous article, the fan who recorded the viral video of Lea expressed no regrets amid the criticisms he received. It turned out that the public’s sympathy was on the singer as they can understand the privacy she was asking for. Despite being a public figure, she has the right to put a line between her private and public life.

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