Lea Salonga Dressing Room Incident w/ Fans Elicits Mixed Reactions

Netizens have these reactions to the viral video featuring Lea Salonga and her fans

On July 17, 2023, Twitterverse talked about the incident that happened between Broadway star Lea Salonga and her fans who wanted to take photos with her.

Being a seasoned singer-actress, Lea has already dealt with different kinds of fans. One of her recent encounters with her fans became a trending topic on the micro-blogging social media site.

It can be seen in the video that Lea was surprised when fans suddenly came to her dressing room. The fans said that they wanted to take photos with her and a woman even mentioned that she is friends with G Tongi who co-produced the show featuring the Broadway diva.

lea salonga
Photo credit: The Guardian

Lea Salonga explained that certain protocols need to be observed and since the said fans were not on the guest list, she can’t just accommodate them because she does not know them. Later on, the singer-actress revealed that she asked G Tongi about the fans, and the latter said that she does not know them.

Amid this issue, netizens expressed support for Lea but there were also those who criticized her for not letting the fans take photos with her.

Here are some tweets explaining that the singer-actress did the right thing and it was her right to do that.

On the other hand, here are some tweets from netizens who did not like how Lea Salonga treated her fans. and they criticized her because of this.

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