Angelica Panganiban Shares Bean’s 10th Month Happenings

Here’s how Gregg Homan and Angelica Panganiban simply celebrated Bean’s 10th month.

Couple Gregg Homan and Angelica Panganiban have a daughter named Bean and their baby just turned 10 months old.

Actress Angelica Panganiban has become a mom 10 months ago. She gave birth to her first daughter Gregg Homan on September 20, 2022. She made the announcement on Instagram and many people are happy for her.

Before giving birth, she got engaged. Angelica’s partner Gregg Homan proposal to her happened while she still pregnant.

In a previous article, Angelica and Gregg’s wedding will accordingly happen early next year. They claimed that it will be finally happening after it has been postponed for two times.

Since Angelica has temporarily stepped out of the limelight when she became a mother, she decided to make a YouTube channel so she can still update her fans. Through her channel, the viewers were able to what kind of a person and a mother she is.

Despite her glamorous life, she remained simple. She is also practicing healthy living by being mindful of the food she eats. Such a habit also poses as a great example for Bean who is now eating solid foods.

Bean is now 10 months old and in their new video, Angge shared how they celebrated her 10th month. According to Angge, the lolas of Bean going to visit them at the same time happens rarely but for this time, it happened so she did some extra preparations.

She bought foods for her and Gregg’s mother. They usually really celebrate Bean’s milestones but her 10th month is special because of her grandmother’s presence.

In the video, Angge expressed, “But today, dahil dalawang lola ang bibisita for the first time, usually kasi mama ko lang tapos mama naman ni Gregg, hindi sila nagkakasabay talaga. But today is a special monthsary celebration dahil dalawang lola ang makakasama namin.”

Meanwhile, apart from eating solid foods, Bean is also starting in her walking journey. She can now crawl and she literally crawls everywhere in their house. She can also make herself stand up already with the help of someone or while holding on to something solid.

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