Lea Salonga on People Using Cellphones in Theater: “Zero manners, zero breeding”

Lea Salonga Post About People Using Cellphones Inside Theater Resurface

The post of singer Lea Salonga lashing people who are using cellphones while inside the theater resurfaced on social media.

Lea Salonga, a theater singer, recently made news after a video of her addressing fans went viral on social media. Businessman Christopher Carpila is one of the video’s fans and uploaders.

In the video, Lea is seen reprimanding fans who ask for photos inside her dressing room despite the fact that they were not on the guest list. Lea seemed perplexed and began questioning Christopher’s group because she didn’t recognize the guy.

Lea Salonga Cellphones Theater

After going viral, Lea posts a message on her social media page asking netizens not to exceed her boundaries. They are violating her privacy and limits, she exclaims.

Following Lea’s privacy-invading incident, one of her previous posts about theater decorum was recirculated on social media. Lea lashes out at those who use cellphones inside the theater in her 2019 post.

 “So yeah. More cellphone users at plays and concerts. You guys have zero manners, zero breeding, zero empathy. If all you’re gonna do while sitting in the front row of a play is hunch over your phone, do everyone a favor and leave,” she said.

“Your presence is disruptive and disrespectful to the actors and the audience. Money may get you theater tickets and your state-of-the-art cellphone, but it can’t buy you class,” she added.

Aside from using cellphones, Lea also urged the theater-goers to avoid singing along with the cast. “The theater isn’t a karaoke bar. Try not to sing along. The rest of the audience paid to hear THE CAST sing. Not you,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Lea’s controversial fan stated that Lea allegedly damaged their feelings and trampled on their dignity as her ardent supporters. On the other hand, Lea defended her behavior toward Carpila and his friend.

Following Lea’s incident, Carpila posted a video of herself taking a selfie with musician Mark Bautista. He emphasized that he gets a picture with the artist despite not even being on the guest list.


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