Guy After Stumbling Upon Gin-Juice Mixture w/ Chilies “Pangit ka inuman ng mga taga Bicol”

Guy Makes Hilarious Reaction After Stumbling Upon Gin-Juice Mixture w/ Chilies

A curious guy expressed a hilarious reaction after stumbling upon a gin-jucie mixture with chilies “Pangit ka inuman ng mga taga Bicol”.

When it comes to discovering new and unique concoctions, people never cease to amaze us. One such example is James, an avid uploader, who recently shared a Facebook post featuring an intriguing beverage—a spicy twist to the classic combination of alcohol and juice.

A Facebook user named James Shop has shared the photo of a peculiar concoction—a mixture of gin and juice infused with chilies. The post immediately circulates online and garnered various reactions from the internet users.

Gin-Juice Mixture

Accompanied by a witty caption, James humorously remarked, “Pangit ka inuman ng mga taga Bicol“. He went on to explain the inspiration behind this unusual drink, stating that Bicol is known for its love of spicy flavors.

James added that Uragons wanted to add a kick to the usual gin and juice combination, so they added chilies for a change.

“Kilala po kasi ang bicol as mahihilig sa maanghang. Nabored kasi sila sa gin na may juice. Nilagyan nila ng sili for a change haha,” he said.

This unique fusion of flavors has garnered attention from netizens, who expressed their amusement and curiosity about the daring combination. The comment section quickly filled with discussions about the adventurous taste preferences of people from Bicol, a region in the Philippines renowned for its affinity for spicy cuisine.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Gin-Juice Mixture

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