Graduating Students Bring Life-Sized Standee Proxy of Their Classmate Who Failed to Attend Graduation

Graduating Students Went Viral for Bringing Life-Sized Standee of Their Classmate During Graduation

Graduating student bring a life-sized standee of their classmate who failed to attend during the graduation day.

A heartwarming TikTok video posted by a netizen named Ramiel has been garnering numerous heart reactions online. In the video, his friends can be seen presenting a life-sized standee of him dressed in a graduation toga to receive his awards.

“Hindi ako maka-attend ng graduation namin, my friends decided to create a [life-sized] standee of me na naka-toga to receive my awards. Unexpected talaga! Di ko rin inexpect na papayagan umakyat sa stage, kasi nga standee lang,” Ramiel shared.

Graduating Students

According to Ramiel, he was unable to attend the graduation ceremony because he had to go to America to take care of some important paperwork.

“Hiyaw na hiyaw talaga mga schoolmates pagkakita ng standee ko, pati ako na-surprise kasi I was on call with them :sob:,” he added emotively.

He revealed that it all started as a joke, but he never expected his friends to actually follow through with it.

Graduating Students

“Biro lang ‘yun nung nasa [P]inas pa ako, ‘di ko inakalagang totoohanin nila. Grabe yung effort nila. Kahit nasa malayo na ako, I still felt like I was there living the moment with them!! Such true friends talaga, hindi kapalit-palit!!” he exclaimed.

The heartwarming gesture of Ramiel’s friends showcases the depth of their friendship and the lengths they are willing to go to make him feel included and celebrated during his graduation.

Despite the physical distance separating them, their support and thoughtfulness bridged the gap, making Ramiel feel like he was an active part of the momentous occasion.

Graduating Students Graduating Students

Ramiel’s friends showcased their creativity, dedication, and genuine affection for him through the creation of the life-sized standee. Their thoughtful gesture not only brought joy and surprise to Ramiel but also touched the hearts of many who witnessed the video.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Graduating Students

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