Teacher Gives Free Bible, Cellphone & Rice to Students During Graduation

Kind Teacher Shows Heartwarming Gesture for Graduating Students

A generous teacher gives his beloved students a free Bible, cellphone, and half a sack of rice during graduation.

In a heartwarming display of generosity and care, a dedicated teacher went above and beyond to support his students during their graduation.

Through his efforts and the support of a generous follower, he provided his pupils with valuable resources, including a free Bible, a cellphone for research, and half a sack of rice for their consumption.


As a dedicated educator, the teacher recognized the importance of providing his students with the tools they needed to succeed. Through his advocacy and the help of Mados Beauty Salon, a generous follower, he secured a scholarship grant for his top-ranking student.

This opportunity would allow the student to pursue secondary education without financial constraints. The beneficiary initially received a sum of P10,000 along with a monthly allowance of P2,000 to support his educational journey.

Beyond the scholarship, the teacher’s compassion extended further. He understood the significance of spiritual guidance, access to information, and basic sustenance. With this in mind, he distributed free Bibles to his students, providing them with daily wisdom and guidance.

Additionally, recognizing the importance of technology in education, he gifted a cell phone to aid them in their research and learning endeavors. Furthermore, she distributed half a sack of rice to ensure that their immediate nutritional needs were met.

Here is the full post:

“Because of this channel, I became a channel to receive many blessings for my pupils. Big opportunity to receive a Scholarship Grant from a follower Mados_BeautySalon . They will support my Top 1 pupils for her secondary education. Initially, the benefeciary has received 10,000 pesos and will receive 2,000 pesos for her monthly allowance. As for me, I am able to give Bible for daily wisdom, Cellphone for research, and Half Sack of Rice for their consumption. Big thanks to God for giving me the wisdom and guidance to perservere this advocacy from start to finish of this school year. I gave daily breakfast for my pupils and Im very proud of it. Sana di ako makalimutan ng mga batang ito and Im certain they will not with Gods grace. Salamat sa lahat ng mga taong naging istrumento ng aking adbokasiya. Mabuhay tayong lahat. Mabuhay ang Panginoon.”

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