Parents Proudly Share Their Baby Who Learned to Play Lato-Lato Before Being Able to Walk

Parents Found Their Baby Playing Lato-Lato “‘Nauna Pang Matuto Mag-lato-lato Kaysa Maglakad’

Two parents proudly share the video of their baby who learned to play lato-lato before being able to walk.

Children have an innate curiosity and a remarkable ability to learn and adapt. This was exemplified in a playful and endearing video shared by uploader Rizzalyn, featuring her eight-month-old daughter, Baninay, engaging in a game of lato-lato.

The charming clip quickly garnered attention from netizens, who playfully remarked, “Nauna pang matuto mag-lato-lato kaysa maglakad.”


According to Rizzalyn, it was Baninay’s first time holding a lato-lato. They had recently purchased the toy, and Baninay had been observing her mother play with it. Rizzalyn placed the lato-lato within Baninay’s play fence while she attended to inquiries on their social media page.

Though aware that it may not be entirely safe for a baby, Rizzalyn noted that Baninay would cry if she couldn’t reach the toys she wanted. To their surprise, they discovered that Baninay had started playing with the lato-lato on her own.

“First time niya po, kase kakabili lang din po namin ng lato-lato ng araw na yun, then nakikita nya po ako nag-lalato-lato, naka titig lang po siya, observant po kase sya. Iniwan kopo sa play fence nya since nagsasagot po ako ng mga inquiries sa page namin. Although aware naman po ako na ’di sya safe sa baby kaso po umiiyak siya pag ’di nya nakukuha yung mga laruan na gusto niya,” Rizzalyn said.

Unfortunately, their attempt to capture the moment on video distracted her. However, Rizzalyn remembered that they had a CCTV camera, which captured the delightful playtime. The family felt amazed, happy, and proud of Baninay’s interest in the game at such a young age.

The video quickly garnered attention, with netizens expressing their amusement and delight. The lighthearted comments reflected the joyous nature of the moment and the impressive display of Baninay’s early exploration.

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