Xyriel Manabat Admits She Underwent Nose Job: “Bat ko idedeny”

Xyriel Manabat Reveals She Underwent Nose Job

Young actress Xyriel Manabat admitted that she underwent a nose job after stunning netizens with her new looks.

Xyriel Manabat, a young actress, took to social media to show images of herself after getting nose surgery. Manabat acknowledged to getting a nose job in the comments section of her Instagram photo.

Xyriel Manabat emphasized that all she did was repair her nose. This comes after some netizens expressed their disbelief that she simply had a nose job. Why would he deny that, Xyriel asks if her doctor is good?

Xyriel also highlighted that makeup was a major factor in her shift in appearance in her Instagram post. Xyriel went on to explain that because her nose is in the middle of her face, other portions of her face are affected.

“hi whats the point of denying po? Its something to be proud of… im being honest and transparent Ofc whole po magbabago kasi nasa center po ng face ang nose and may madadamay at maapektuhan po talga na part ng face kaya magbabago po talaga whole face… cmmnsnse come on,” she said in the comments.

Xyriel Manabat Nose Job

The beauty center also chronicled Manabat’s cosmetic enhancement. From consultation until moments before the nose treatment, as shown in earlier videos on its Instagram page.

Manabat, who recently joined Star Magic’s Hot Summer LaHot Sexy 2023, urged the public to appreciate all people last month. Manabat, who presently plays Tonet in the ABS-CBN TV series “Dirty Linen,” already exposed her non-showbiz beau to the public by sharing a photo from their recent Baguio trip.

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