DSWD Educational Cash Assistance — How Much Students May Get Based on Grade, Year Level

Guide on DSWD Educational Cash Assistance Amounts for Beneficiaries

DSWD EDUCATIONAL CASH ASSISTANCE – Here is a guide on how much students may get from DSWD based on the grade or year level.

In the Philippines, the government agency that runs programs that extend cash assistance to Filipinos most especially to the poorest of the poor is the Department of Social Welfare and Development. It is more popularly called DSWD.

There is a DSWD branch office in almost every city and municipality across the nation. Also, the government agency has satellite outlets and partner stores where applications may be done.

DSWD Educational Cash Assistance
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One of the cash aid offers of the Department of Social Welfare and Development is the DSWD Educational Cash Assistance. It aims to help the Filipino students who belong to the poorest of the poor but are determined to push through with their studies.

How much beneficiaries may get under the DSWD Educational Cash Assistance? The amounts extended by the government agency depends on the grade or year level of the beneficiaries. Here is a guide:

  • Elementary School Students – P1,000.00
  • Junior High School Students – P2,000.00
  • Senior High School Students – P3,000.00
  • College Students / Technical-Vocational Students – P4,000.00

The DSWD announces the application dates for the cash assistance for students. The government agency has set limits on the release of cash aid for the students based on grade or year level as well:

  • Elementary School Students – maximum of four years
  • Junior High School Students – maximum of four years
  • Senior High School Students – maximum of two years
  • College Students / Technical-Vocational Students -based on the Vocabularies program

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