Paolo Contis “Walang Inapakang Tao” As Eat Bulaga Host

In an interview, Paolo Contis shared his thoughts about being a host of Eat Bulaga.

PAOLO CONTIS – Kapuso actor-host Paolo Contis speaks about the stress and pressure that comes with hosting “Eat Bulaga”.

In a previous article, actor-comedian Paolo Contis asked people to refrain from bashing the people behind the camera. Specifically, the people who decided to stay following the massive resignation that happened.

“Ang Eat Bulaga! po, hindi lang po kami iyan. Hindi po mga artista iyan. Kasama po lahat ng nasa likod ng kamera para maitaguyod po namin yung programa para sa inyo,” he said.

The introduction of new hosts of Eat Bulaga earned various comments from the public. Some were not in favor while some expressed to give the new hosts a chance to prove their worth.

Hosting the show that was hosted by veterans for over four decades surely has its cons. Contis expressed that, as a new host, he feels both stressed and pressured. He got stressed by the changes his new work as a host has brought him.

And what they went through stressed him out. He felt pressured that after working, all he could is go straight to sleeping as it drained his energy. They were also put instantly and suddenly in the show which added to the reasons why they are stressed.

But if there’s one thing he could be proud of, it is his dedication.

Seeing his workmates who are just as dedicated as him keeps him motivated to work. They are happy in the show and he believes that their closeness is also coming from the pressure to make this one work.

Despite of the things that stress and pressure them as hosts, for him, the sense of fulfillment weighs all these negative things down.

“We were called to work, that’s my job, and I’m doing the best that I can dun sa trabaho. Wala akong inapakang tao. Naniniwala akong wala akong inapakang tao,” he said.

He even added based on a report from PEP that he has also talked to the people involved before he jumped into and this, for him, is already enough.


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