Student Who Brings 1-Year-Old Sibling to School Earns Praises Online

Student Earns Praises Online After Bringing 1-Year-Old Sibling to School

A young student who brings his one-year-old sibling in school goes viral and garnered praises from the online community.

A remarkable act of responsibility and dedication by a grade-9 student from Mantalongon National High School in Dalaguete town, southeastern Cebu, has captured the hearts of netizens.

Mart Antipuesto, a 15-year-old student, gained praise and admiration after photos circulated online, showing him carrying his one-year-old sister to school to attend a special activity.


The heartwarming story unfolded when Mart found himself faced with a dilemma. With both of his parents working as farmers, there was no one available to care for his younger sibling at home.

However, Mart was determined not to miss the school’s important activities and approached his teachers with a heartfelt request.

“Student: Ma’am, I won’t be absent from the symposium tomorrow, but can I bring my younger sister?

Me: Where are your mom and dad?

Student: They are both busy, ma’am. I don’t have anyone else to look after my sister while I attend school,” Mart’s teachers, Ma. Lilibeth Cordova said.


Touched by Mart’s responsible attitude and commitment to his education, his teachers granted him permission to bring his sister along. The photos shared online show Mart carefully carrying his sibling, ensuring her safety and allowing him to participate in the school activity.

The story quickly gained traction on social media, drawing attention and admiration from netizens. Many praised Mart for his maturity, selflessness, and dedication to his studies, recognizing the challenges he faced in juggling his responsibilities as both a student and a caring older sibling.


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