Rendon on Toni Fowler Calling Him Plastic: “Akala mo lang kasi gawa ka sa plastic”

Rendon Labador Reacts to Toni Fowler After Calling Him Plastic

The so-called “motivational speaker” Rendon Labador reacts to vlogger-influencer Toni Fowler after calling him plastic.

Toni Fowler, an actress-vlogger, previously voiced her thoughts on Rendon Labador in an interview with Isko Moreno. Toni is displeased with Rendon’s online conduct. Rendon was named the most plastic social media influencer by Toni.

Rendon Toni Fowler Plastic

Toni was recently interviewed by Isko about his life behind the camera and in the online realm. During their conversation, Isko asked Toni who, in his opinion, is the most plastic influencer. The actress laughed but also responded to the question.

Rendon Labador, she claims, is his most plastic influencer. Toni remarked that Rendon’s social media persona differed from his true personality. She emphasized that he was genuinely pleasant.

“Si Rendon Labador. Kasi hindi ko siya ganon nakilala. Ninang ako ng baby niya and he’s portraying ang image na hindi siya for the sake of fame and money,” Toni said.

“Which is a flop and a fail. ‘Yun ang nakakalungkot,” she added in the interview.

Meanwhile, Rendon appears to be irritated by Toni’s statements. Rendon made a comment on Toni’s social media post. Toni’s being made of “plastic” is even lash by the motivational speaker.

“Akala mo lang plastic ako kasi gawa ka sa plastic,” he said with the hashtag #StayMotivated.

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