Wife Shows Selfless Act of Love by Donating Own Kidney to Save Husband’s Life

Wife Donates Own Kidney to Save Life of Husband w/ Cancer

A loving wife showed a selfless act of love by donating her own kidney just to save the life of her beloved husband.

In a remarkable display of unwavering love, a couple has demonstrated their deep commitment to one another by undergoing a kidney transplant. Irene Lupais Aidon-Guieb selflessly donated one of her kidneys to her husband, Prince, in order to extend his life after being diagnosed with Stage 5 or end-stage Chronic Kidney Disease.

After learning that she was a suitable donor for her husband, Irene did not hesitate to offer her kidney. She knew that it was a chance to save Prince’s life and give him a fighting chance against the disease.


“Ang sabi sa amin, kung gusto namin siyang mabuhay either mag-undergo po siya ng dialysis or mag-kidney transplant,” Irene shared.

Once the decision was made, Irene and Prince underwent a series of tests to prepare for the kidney transplant. The procedure was successfully performed, and Irene’s kidney was transplanted into Prince.

“After ng operation, wala naman pong ibang nabago. Sobrang saya ko dahil nailigtas ko yung buhay ng asawa ko,” she added.

The husband expressed his profound gratitude for the gift of life bestowed upon him by his wife and the grace of God.

As the Philippines commemorates National Kidney Month, it is essential to promote kidney health and increase understanding about the importance of organ donation.

The inspiring story of Irene and Prince highlights the potential for life-saving interventions and encourages individuals to consider becoming organ donors, offering hope and a second chance at life to those in need.


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