Exhaust Fan Producing Bone-Chilling ‘Exorcist’ Sound Goes Viral Online

Exhaust Fan Making Bone-Chilling ‘Exorcist’ Sound Elicits Reactions From Netizens

An exhaust fan produce a bone-chilling ‘exorcist’ sound goes viral online and garnered various reactions from the netizens.

A recent viral video uploaded by a netizen named Salve N. Agusti has been the talk of the town, featuring an exhaust fan that seems to produce a terrifying laughter-like sound. The video elicits comments online.

The peculiar occurrence has left Salve and her husband bewildered, prompting them to seek answers for this eerie phenomenon. Despite having the fan checked twice by maintenance, the issue persists, leading to speculations and various reactions from intrigued netizens.

Exhaust Fan

According to Salve, she was completely taken aback when she first heard the eerie sound emanating from their exhaust fan. Neither she nor her husband could comprehend the reason behind this chilling noise.

“Hindi ko po alam bakit ganon ang tunog nya. Nagulat nalang din po kami ng husband ko na tumatawa na siya mag isa,” Salve said.

The couple initially brushed it off as a prank or a momentary glitch. However, their curiosity grew as the fan continued its sinister laughter when left unattended.

Seeking a solution to this perplexing situation, Salve had the exhaust fan checked twice by maintenance personnel. On both occasions, they were informed that there was no immediate need for a replacement, as the fan merely required cleaning.

Following the maintenance checks, the tenant even confirmed that the fan had been thoroughly cleaned. Despite these efforts, the fan resumed its haunting laughter within a few days, leaving Salve and her husband dumbfounded.

“Dalawang beses na po pina-check sa maintenance, sabi ng maintenance, okay pa daw at hindi kailangan palitan, kulang lang daw po sa linis. Kaya nilinis naman daw nila sabi ng tenant namin pero after ilang araw tumatawa na yung exhaust fan namin mag isa. 2 years palang po nagagamit,” she added.

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Exhaust Fan

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