Lady Customer Seeks Help for CD Vendor “sobrang hina daw ng benta”

Lady Customer Asks Netizens to Help for CD Vendor Struggling w/ Drop of Sales

CD VENDOR – A lady customer seeks help from the online community for a CD vendor “sobrang hina daw ng benta”.

A tweet from uploader Malaya has sparked interest and admiration for Mang Greg, a CD vendor in Cartimar, Recto. Malaya’s tweet read, “I posted Mang Greg and his shop because I wanted to help him gain more customers.

He’s one of the few sellers of physical music here in the metro that isn’t online-based. When you visit Mang Greg’s shop, you get to experience the simple joys of going through different album covers, trying to find what you want or need.”

Lady Customer

Malaya further explained their intention behind the post, saying, “Pinost ko din as a way na manghikayat ng iba pang tao mag-collect ng physical copies of music kasi napapansin ko na malapit na ito malaos nang tuluyan,”

It is important to note that Malaya clarified that Mang Greg sells original CDs, with many of them being second-hand, while others are fully sealed and brand new.

In a world dominated by digital streaming platforms and online music downloads, the sight of a vendor selling physical music in a quaint shop brings a nostalgic charm.

Mang Greg’s shop provides a haven for music enthusiasts who appreciate the tangible aspects of music collection, such as browsing through album covers, reading liner notes, and discovering hidden gems.

Physical music formats, particularly CDs, have seen a decline in popularity over the years due to the convenience and accessibility offered by digital platforms.

However, there remains a dedicated community of music lovers who appreciate the experience of owning physical copies. The act of collecting CDs allows enthusiasts to build a personal music library, showcasing their passion and connection to the artistry of musicians.

Here is the full post:

“mang greg is a seller from recto, cartimar. he sells cds and kanina habang nabili ako, nagkkwento siya na sobrang hina daw ng benta recently. sabi niya ayain ko daw mga kaibigan ko bumili, kaya pinaalam ko kung pwede ko ba siya ipost online”

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Lady Customer

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