Vendor Died After Shot When He Tries to Help Hold-up Victim

Vendor Trying to Help Hold-up Victim Shot Dead By Unknown Suspects

A vendor was declared dead after being shot by two unknown suspects while he was trying to help a hold-up victim.

According to a Batangas police report, two unidentified holdups shot and killed a vendor in Barangay District 2, Balayan, Batangas after stealing his partner’s bag. The authorities identified the victim as Ariel Cinko.

Vendor Shot Hold-up

According to the Balayan police report, the victim and a woman called Ericka Iladia were strolling down the road at 11:00 p.m. when two suspects approached them. The suspects took the woman’s luggage out of nowhere.

However, the woman refused to hand over the bag, and Cinko stepped in to help. Because of this, the suspect was said to be irritated so he immediately pulled out a gun and shot the Cinko hitting him in the body, based on the report.

Following the gunshot, the two perpetrators fled, taking the bag with them. The woman summoned assistance and brought the victim to the Don Manuel Lopez Memorial District Hospital for treatment, but he died a few hours later. The investigation is still ongoing, and the two assailants’ identities are being determined.

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