3 Children Stabbed by Their Stepfather While Sleeping in Davao Oriental

Stepfather Stabbed Own 3 Children Stabbed While They Were Sleeping in Davao Oriental

Three (3) children were allegedly stabbed by their stepfather while they were sleeping in their house in Davao Oriental.

In Caraga, a horrible occurrence occurred when a stepfather allegedly stabbed three children. Three young siblings, ages five, seven, and ten, were asleep inside their house in Caraga, Davao Oriental, when their stepfather stabbed them.

Stepfather Stabbed Children Sleeping

Two of the victims perished, and the third is critically injured. According to the report, the crime occurred this morning in Barangay San Jose. Mario Indawa, 42, the children’s father, is a suspect in the crime. He is also in critical condition after stabbing himself.

According to the preliminary inquiry, the stepfather stabbed all of the children in their home while they were sleeping. He stabbed them with a single kitchen knife. A worried individual called the Caraga Municipal Police Station at 12:10 a.m.

At the crime site, four bodies were discovered, three of the children and one of their stepfather, all of whom were injured.  The children’s mother was not there when the incident occurred, according to the police.

Authorities believe the suspect was motivated by strong envy when he committed the killing. The stepfather is being held in a hospital by police while awaiting surgery after stabbing his stomach and slashing his throat.

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