Jason Marvin Post “Manipulating, Gaslighting?”; Netizens Comment

The deleted post of Jason Marvin is circulating online and people online have these reactions.

JASON MARVIN – Controversial Jason Marvin a.k.a Jason Hernandez’s now-deleted post creates loud buzz online and here are the reactions.

“Ikaw Pa Rin” is a new song by Jason Marvin and it created a loud buzz online. The music video features not only his mystery girl but also some clips taken from his wedding with Moira Dela Torre.

This video also showed that the posting of photos with a mystery woman was just a strategy to promote his new song.

After the release of his new song, Moira’s sister aired her frustration and anger online. He called out Jason for using his sister when in real-life, he is not pursuing Moira and even trying to exert effort to win him back.

Jason Marvin Post
Photo grabbed on Facebook (Note: This post has been deleted)

But in a previous article, Jason fired back. He shared his statement in a post and immediately deleted it shortly after but screenshots were circulating. In his statement, he expressed that he tried to pursue Moira and win her back but the singer would accordingly refuse to accept her.

He shared a story about that one time he went to Moira and the latter got really mad she broke a glass. He knelt in front of her and always tried to reach out to her but to no avail.

While he meant well to defend himself, some people did not like how he put down his words and thoughts. To many people online, his post was manipulating and gaslighting.

Manipulating in a way that it appears to many that his post was only meant to divert people’s sympathy at him for telling the “hardship” he went through just to win his ex-wife back after cheating while they were together.

And gaslighting in a way that he tried to twist some things and forgot to mention in his post why their situation turned into that was because of his cheating. He failed to recognize that the anger of the other person was because of his fault which was cheating.

Check out some comments from Twitter:

Gaslighting at it’s finest.

Stop being manipulative. Kadiri.

Moira has the right to get mad and react that way.

this moira-jason marvin thing is way too familiar.


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