Robin Padilla Files Bill to Sentence Liar Police, Soldiers 20 Years in Prison

Robin Padilla Wants Liar Police, Soldiers to be Imprisoned for 20 Years

Senator Robin Padilla pushes a bill to sentence liar police officials and soldiers to be imprisoned for 20 years.

Senator Robin Padilla introduced legislation that would impose a 20-year prison sentence on military and uniformed people (MUPs) who lie during a congressional probe. Senate Bill 2265, also known as Padilla’s Truthful Congressional Inquiry Act, seeks to restore public trust in government institutions, particularly police, military, and other uniformed services.

The senator filed the request after police officers were held in contempt for not informing lawmakers the truth about their alleged involvement in illegal substances. The measure would penalize a government employee who makes a false statement during an investigation conducted by Congress as part of its oversight function or during the legislative process.

Robin Padilla Liar Police

Anyone who violates this is subject to a fine of up to P3 million, as well as a lifetime ban from holding a government position. Meanwhile, Padilla has introduced legislation to “tighten the screws” on unlawful recruitment syndicates in order to protect overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Padilla’s Senate Bill 221 attempts to define illegal recruitment perpetrated by a syndicate if two — rather than the existing three — people combine to commit the offense. The bill proposes to change Article (b) of Presidential Decree 442 or the Philippine Labor Code, as well as Section 6 of Republic Act 8042, the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995.

Padilla stated that shielding Filipino employees from unlawful recruiting would be a huge step toward safer, fairer, and more ethical recruitment processes. Padilla’s goal is to “help strengthen the protection of Filipino workers, prevent economic sabotage, and promote the country’s economic development” by implementing safer, fairer, and more ethical hiring methods.

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