15 Filipino Cyclists Injured in a Hit-and-Run Incident in Kuwait

15 Filipino Cyclists Hurt After Being Plowed by an SUV in Kuwait

15 Filipino cyclists suffers injuries after being plowed by an SUV who immediately fled after the incident in Kuwait.

After being hit by an SUV, 15 Filipino bikers were hurt in Kuwait. The cyclists were hit by a car on the Arabian Gulf Road, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). According to DFA Undersecretary Eduardo Jose de Vega, the bikers are made up of 30 Filipinos.

According to a local radio station, a car drove into a group of Filipino bikers on Friday morning, injuring at least 15 men. Even though they were in the bike lane, they were hit by a car.

Filipino Cyclists Kuwait

According to the Kuwait News Agency, the bikers were riding along the major road without a permit. According to the DFA, the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has already checked on the victims and called their families in order to provide the required assistance.

The DFA also stated that a lawyer’s services had been engaged. According to the DFA, the perpetrator has already turned himself in to the police. Based on the report, seven people have been released from the hospital, while eight remain.

One of them had a cerebral hemorrhage, as well as head injuries and scarring. Authorities are still investigating whether the crash with the Filipinos was an accident or deliberate.

“It may be premature to conclude that the perpetrator was targeting a specific group of nationals. There is a need to wait for the result of the investigation,” the agency said.

“They voluntarily surrendered to the police, so the Kuwaiti government is investigating, looking at the films of the accident,” De Vega added.

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