Traffic Enforcer Who Ticketed Kneeling Delivery Rider Speaks Up

Traffic Enforcer Speaks Up Following Apprehension of Kneeling Delivery Rider

The traffic enforcer who ticketed the viral delivery rider who was captured kneeling down and pleading to him following a traffic violation speaks up.

Recently, a video of a confrontation between a delivery rider and a traffic enforcer went viral on social media. The enforcer, who is simply doing his job, ignores the rider who begs him to let him through for his offense while writing it on the violation ticket.

The rider also opted to beg on his knees while pleading with the enforcer to cancel his violation.  The video quickly went popular on social media, eliciting responses from the online community.

Traffic Enforcer Kneeling Rider

Several people have approached the delivery rider to offer their assistance. Meanwhile, other netizens chastised the traffic cop for being impolite. Meanwhile, the cyclist acknowledged his error.

According to YouTube star Viy Cortez, the rider stated that he made a mistake and that he is simply kneeling to the enforcer to plead his P2,000 infraction. The rider claims that the enforcer is not at fault and is only performing his job.

Meanwhile, after getting nasty comments from the internet community, the enforcer resorted to social media to issue a statement and clear the confusion on the video. The enforcer refutes the idea that he is unconcerned about the rider.

He informed that the rider’s traffic violation is counter flow, which carries a P2,000 fine. However, he changes the offense to “lane marking” to reduce the punishment to P500 out of pity for the rider.

He further emphasized that he is also pleading with the rider to stand up and is avoiding him, but he continues to kneel down. The enforcer further stated that it is not acceptable to believe that if you bow down, you would be excused from the violation because this will be a terrible example to other violators.

He further stated in the video that if he did not ticket the rider, his job would be jeopardized. He also appealed to netizens to comprehend the circumstances of traffic enforcers working under the blazing sun to regulate traffic flow and enforce traffic rules.

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