15 Filipino Cyclists Injured in a Hit-and-Run Incident in Kuwait

15 Filipino Cyclists Hurt After Being Plowed by an SUV in Kuwait 15 Filipino cyclists suffers injuries after being plowed by an SUV who immediately fled after the incident in Kuwait. After being hit by an SUV, 15 Filipino bikers were hurt in Kuwait. The cyclists were hit by a car on the Arabian Gulf … Read more

Group of “Kamote” Riders Racing in Marilaque Drew Flak Online

Group of “Kamote” Riders Elicit Reactions Online Over Racing in Marilaque Road The online community lambasted a video showing a group of “Kamote” riders racing on the public road of Marilaque. The Marcos Highway, also known as the Marikina-Infanta Highway, Marilaque Road, and Marikina-Infanta Road, is a favorite destination for motorcycle riders. It was a … Read more

SUV Rams 8 Vehicles, 4 Motorcycles in Mandaluyong City

SUV Injured 13 Motorists After Ramming 8 Vehicles and 4 Motorcycles in Mandaluyong City 13 motorists suffered injuries after an SUV reportedly rammed 8 vehicles and 4 motorcycles in Mandaluyong City. After 8 a.m., an SUV drove into numerous vehicles along Shaw Boulevard and San Miguel. Tuesday. Those who were hit came to a complete … Read more

Car Driver Slams Pasaway Cyclists for Driving Recklessly “Feeling bakal ang katawan”

Car Driver

Car Driver to Pasaway Cyclists Along The Road “Feeling bakal ang katawan” A car driver lambasted some pasaway cyclists who were driving recklessly along the road “Feeling bakal ang katawan”. Nowadays, traffic accidents have become one of the main issues in many nations, including the Philippines. Usually, it results in traffic jams or injury to … Read more

Reckless Motorcycle Rider Hits Pedestrian Crossing The Road

Reckless Motorcycle Rider

Video of Reckless Motorcycle Rider Who Accidentally Hits Pedestrian Crossing The Road Goes Viral ROAD ACCIDENT – A reckless motorcycle rider accidentally hits a male pedestrian who attempted to cross the road. Nowadays, road accident has been one of the most common traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the … Read more