Student Shares Note Written by Professor During Class He Sat In

Student Elicits Reactions Online After Sharing Note Written by Professor During Class He Sat In

A male student goes viral and elicits comments online after sharing the note written by a professor during a class he sat in on.

In the world of education, students often encounter professors who leave a lasting impact on their educational journey.

Recently, netizens were moved by a heartfelt story shared by Steve, highlighting a note written by a professor during a class he sat in on. The note resonated deeply with him and captured the attention of many online users.


Steve’s story began when his friend, Vhea, asked him to accompany her to her Environmental Science class. As a comparative literature major, he found the experience of sitting in a class outside his field of study to be refreshing.

During the class, the professor assigned the students to write reflections or insights based on group presentations. Feeling the inherent pressure to contribute, Steve decided to put effort into his writing, despite not being officially enrolled in the course.

As a literature major, he possessed the skill to string words together, and he believed there was no harm in delivering his best, even though he wouldn’t be graded for it.

Weeks later, Steve was surprised when the professor returned his paper with a note written at the top. The message, “what a shame you’re not enrolled in this class,” filled him with a mixture of shock and joy.

He described the moment as having butterflies in his stomach and his heart skipping a beat. The professor’s simple yet meaningful words had a profound impact on his self-worth and motivation.

The professor’s note held significant meaning for Steve. It served as a source of inspiration, reinforcing his belief in his abilities and potential. Though he wasn’t officially a part of the class, the professor’s recognition of his efforts made him feel seen and valued.

Here is the full post:

I was sitting in on one of my friend’s class last Thursday and everyone was writing a short reflection smthn and so I had to write a little smthn smthn too jus to fit in and then we had to submit it and I fig whats the harm and then that prof returned mine with this cute note

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