45 Students Suffers Food Poisoning Over “Maruya” Mixed with Tawas

45 Students Hospitalized Over Food Poisoning After Eating “Maruya” Mixed with Tawas

45 students in North Cotabato suffered food poisoning after allegedly eating “maruya” accidentally mixed with tawas.

45 children at Palma Perez Elementary School in M’LANG, North Cotabato, were hospitalized on Monday, May 22 after they were allegedly poisoned by the “maruya” they ate for a snack. According to the report, 30 to 45 students were released from the hospital after recovering from food sickness.

Meanwhile, municipal health officer Dr. Glecerio Sotea stated that at least 15 kids stayed in the hospital for additional examination. Doctors advised the students who were taken to a local hospital to be admitted for additional examinations, he said.

Students Maruya Food Poisoning

Sotea stated that based on their preliminary findings, the merchant near the school made a mistake by using “tawas” (potassium alum) instead of white sugar. Based on the report, the students, ages seven to twelve, experienced gastrointestinal pain, vomiting, and disorientation after consuming the substance.

According to Jontongco, the children remembered the strangely bitter taste of the allegedly sugar-laced snack food. When told what happened to the youngsters, the anonymous seller discovered something peculiar in the white crystalline powder she had mistaken for sugar.

Because of their resemblance in grain and color, barrio Palma Perez Chairman Edward Borromeo believes the vendor, who also lives in their barrio, unintentionally used alum instead of white sugar. He stated that the seller has been selling Maruya and other low-cost foods to students for the past ten years.

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