Lady Netizen Reacts to Restaurant Selling P550 ‘Silog’ Meal: “di tlga msarap matabang”

Lady Netizen Airs Dismay to Restaurant Selling P550 ‘Silog’ Meal

A lady netizen reacts to a restaurant selling ‘silog’ meals for P550 per serving “wla po tlgang lasa ee di tlga msarap matabang”

Food is not only a basic necessity but also a source of pleasure and enjoyment for many. Dining experiences can vary greatly, from humble street food stalls to luxurious gourmet restaurants.

The price of food often correlates with the quality, ambiance, and overall experience offered by a particular establishment. However, individual preferences and perspectives on what constitutes a reasonable price for a meal can differ significantly.

Lady Netizen

A Facebook user named Bossbabe April Bermundo, a motivational speaker, has shared her opinion regarding the ‘silog’ meal at a restaurant worth P550 per serving. The post garnered various reactions from the internet users.

Bermundo pointed out that she had eaten at places with even higher-priced meals, such as the Balesin Island Club where a silog meal costs P800.

However, they acknowledged that the high price at Balesin Island Club is justified due to the exclusive nature of the resort, the need for a private plane to access it, and the additional perks such as free unlimited coffee, hot pandesal, and butter.

Lady Netizen Lady Netizen

April then shared their opinion that the P550 silog meal at Canyon Cove did not meet her expectations in terms of taste and value, describing it as bland. It is essential to respect individual opinions and preferences when it comes to food, as taste is subjective.

Here is the full post:


Yan po yung walang edit, ayan yung actual picture nung sinerve ang silog. Huhu. Kaya ko lang nasabe na hindi talaga worth it yung P550 per meal ng silog kasi hnd tlga masarap e, tigas ng rice, tigas ng tocino and egg, lahat matabang tas yng longanisa matabang na nga sunog pa. Halos di tlga namin nakain lalo na si austin di tlga kinain yng hotsilog niya. Nagshare lang po ako ng experience wag po kayong magalit. Hehe

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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