Nadine Lustre Reveals Why Stopped Buying Leather Bags & Shoes

Nadine Lustre has changed her lifestyle

Actress Nadine Lustre revealed the reason why she stopped buying leather bags and shoes and this has something to do with her new lifestyle.

Nadine, known as President Nadine to many of her fans, has been a role model and inspiration to many people. She is also known for speaking her mind and how she handles bashing and negativity, especially on social media.

In a recent vlog that beauty expert Dr. Aivee Teo shared, Nadine talked about her new lifestyle. The actress has turned vegan for eight months now, based on the article in Philstar Life.

nadine lustre
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Nadine Lustre has not just changed her diet but also her lifestyle. Nutritionist Jo Sebastian explained that being vegan is not just concentrated on a person’s diet but the lifestyle is being changed as well.

The actress recalled the Monaco trip she had in which she realized that the next time she travels, she wants to focus on food and accommodation instead of shopping. “We found restaurants in Paris, parang 2-star or 3-star Michelin na vegan, so that’s what we are aiming for. That’s why sabi ko, ‘Okay, for this trip I’m not gonna shop,’” Nadine shared.

Being vegan, the actress no longer eats meat, seafood, or any dairy products. She also includes no-egg bread offerings like sourdough and vegan butter in her diet. Nadine added that even in wine, she picks the ones with no animal products.

The actress also revealed that her new lifestyle extends to her shopping choices. “I feel like it [shopping] will be hard for me, doc, kasi I stopped buying leather na—bags, shoes, yeah, I stopped buying na completely,” she said.

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