Teacher Gets Mad After PWD Student Didn’t Buy Anything at School Canteen

Teacher Earns Criticisms Over Rude Behavior Towards PWD Student Who Didn’t Buy Anything at School Canteen

A teacher from Sapian, Capiz earns criticisms online after getting mad at a PWD student who didn’t buy anything at the school canteen.

An incident involving a student with disabilities and their math teacher in Sapian, Capiz has recently surfaced on social media, causing outrage among netizens.

According to a post by a concerned relative, the student, who is a person with disability (PWD), did not buy any food at the school canteen one day, prompting the teacher to complain about it.


The post went on to say that the student’s mother and sibling went to see the principal, but the school administration allegedly did not give them a satisfactory response. The concerned relative claimed that the teacher showed no remorse and was even more aggressive towards the student and their family after they complained.

The uploader claimed that the teacher had been bullying the student, including making fun of his disability, and that the student had been too afraid to attend school as a result.

The relative expressed their frustration and anger towards the teacher’s behavior and called for action to be taken to address the issue.


The incident sparked a debate online, with many netizens expressing their disgust and calling for the teacher to be held accountable for their actions. Some also called for the school administration to take immediate action to address the issue and ensure that all students, regardless of their abilities, are treated with respect and dignity.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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