Jai Agpangan “Aesthetic Fail” Video Goes Viral

Jai Agpangan Gave Netizens A Good Laugh W/ Hilarious “Aesthetic Fail” Video

JAI AGPANGAN – Kapamilya star Jai Agpangan made netizens laugh with her hilarious “Aesthetic fail” video.

The younger generations are following the new fashion trend known as aesthetic, or estetik in Filipino. Nothing is permanent, as the saying goes. The world we live in and how people live change over time.

Younger generations are more up-to-date on the newest styles. They are frequently posting and watching entertaining videos on their phones. Aesthetic is well-known not only as a fashion style – images of simple-designed homes, meals, earth tones, and pastel hues may be seen online. Overall, aesthetics are simple yet classy.

Photo Source: @jaiagpangan IG

Just recently, a video of Jai Agpangan’s epic failure at trying to consume halo-halo in an ‘aesthetics’ has gone viral. The actress can be seen in the video digging into her halo-halo. She said she was trying to eat it with “aesthetics.”

The video was uploaded on her official TikTok account. As of this writing, the video has been viewed over 2 million times.

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Photo Source: @jaiagpangan TikTok

Jai Agpangan was attempting to do it correctly and had to turn the cup in order to better mix it.  She had to pick up and replace the ice cream that had just abruptly fallen off the cup as a result of what she was doing.

When the ice cream on top of Jai’s halo-halo rolled off, she stood up, picked it up, and put it back on top of the halo-halo.

Watch the video below:



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Jai Agpangan’s viral TikTok video elicited reactions from the online community. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@adiel: “yung ice cream”

@Mha An: “Wala pang 5 mins hehe pwede pa”

@Lolming: “binalik HAHAHA”

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