Construction Worker Arrested After Shooting Person He Had Previous Altercation With

Police Authorities Arrest Construction Worker After Shooting Person He Had Previous Altercation With

A construction worker has been arrested after shooting a person he had a previous altercation with, in the foot.

In Quezon City, a construction worker named Max was arrested for attempted murder after allegedly shooting a man in the foot in November 2022. The victim was someone who Max had a previous altercation with.

According to reports, Max admitted to shooting the victim but claimed that he only wanted to scare him and did not intend to kill him. He stated that he had already settled things with the complainant, and was surprised when he was arrested.

Construction Worker

“Kasi ninakaw niya yung scaffolding sa bahay na tinitirhan ko iyon kaya nag-init ulo ko, siyempre ako naman ang naatasan na magbantay ng mga gamit doon aminado naman ako na binaril ko siya sa paa para pilayan lang talaga siya madala,” the suspect explained.

The incident occurred on IBP Road in Quezon City, where Max was working on a construction project. After the shooting, the victim was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the foot.

Max was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He is currently awaiting trial and is hoping that the case against him will be dropped.

The incident highlights the dangers of gun violence and the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully. It serves as a reminder that the use of firearms should be strictly regulated and that there are serious consequences for those who use them illegally or recklessly.

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