65-Year-Old Grandma Successfully Passes the 2022 BAR Exams

65-Year-Old Grandma Passes the 2022 BAR Exams Despite Old Age

INSPIRING LOLA – A 65-year-old grandma rejoiced after she successfully passes the 2022 BAR exams last week.

Grandma Nancy Regis, at the age of 65, has achieved success as a lawyer after putting aside her childhood desire of being a lawyer. She is among those who passed the 2022 bar examinations.

The senior citizen made the decision four decades ago to put her dreams of becoming a lawyer on hold in order to prioritize caring for her three daughters. She became pregnant at the age of 23, and her children’s happiness has always come before her own.

65-Year-Old Grandma

Until, 28 years ago, when she was ready to pursue her long-held dream of becoming a lawyer, she received a blessing for which they had prayed – a son. Grandma Nancy then committed her time to caring for her children and educating them till they became professionals.

The elderly woman was going to pursue her long-held dream of becoming a lawyer when she was unexpectedly presented with a life-threatening ailment. She ultimately recovered after a year of illness. Following her recovery, Grandma Nancy worked for the government and studied law on weekends until she graduated and obtained her Juris Doctor degree in 2020.

The Supreme Court released the results on April 14, and Grandma Nancy was among those who passed the bar exams. She stated that her mother’s story serves as a reminder to never give up on one’s aspirations, no matter what life throws at them.

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65-Year-Old Grandma

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