Jormiel Labador on Rendon’s “Motivational” Rice: “Are you out of your mind?”

Jormiel Labador Reacts on Brother Rendon’s Controversial Motivational Rice

JORMIEL LABADOR – The brother of so-called motivational speaker Rendon Labador reacts to controversial “motivational” rice.

The controversial social media personality has been earning attention from the online community since he announced his new business venture. It can be recalled that Rendon opened his restaurant named “Episode Bar + Kitchen”.

Meanwhile, some netizens questioned the pricing of his food. The online community complained about the alleged overpricing of his foods and drinks in his newly opened restaurant.

Jormiel Labador Motivational Rice

A Facebook user posted a photo of what appeared to be a menu price list for Labador’s restaurant. When they saw the menu price list, which highlighted the P750 grilled porkchop, the internet community was astonished.

Netizens also questioned the P100 price of the “pandan rice.” Rendon responded to the criticisms by calling his rice “motivational,” implying that people should work hard to afford it.

“‘THE MOTIVATIONAL RICE’ LUMABAN KA at pilitin mong umangat sa buhay para yung MAHAL sayo ngayon ay maging MURA balang araw. Again, this is not to discriminate but a wake up call para itaas mo ang standards mo! Gamitin mong MOTIVATION yan!!” he said in his post.

Jormiel Labador Motivational Rice

Meanwhile, Jormiel, his brother, confessed that the cuisine provided at his brother’s restaurant was great. He couldn’t stop himself from asking Rendon about the price of their rice.

“Kaya nga ako nandito kasi gusto kong kumprontahin si Rendon Labador,” Jormiel said. “Bakit 100 pesos ang presyo ng rice mo, alam mo ba na madaming tao ang nagugutom ngayon, tapos 100 pesos ‘yung rice?”

“Rendon Labador are you out of your mind? Dapat ginawa mo ng 200 pesos nahiya ka pa.” he added in his video.

Jormiel claims that 10 cups of rice may be purchased for 100 pesos at a carinderia. In addition, he requested that his brother Rendon be removed from the management. Jormiel then stated that he bought his own rice to avoid paying his brother 100 pesos rice.

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