Coco Martin Wishes Rendon Labador’s Business to be Successful

Coco Martin Wishes Resto Business of Rendon Labador to Be Successful

Actor-director Coco Martin wishes that the resto business of motivational speaker Rendon Labador would be successful.

Coco Martin stated in an interview that he hopes Rendon Labador’s firm succeeds. This is his response to Rendon Labador blaming his supporters for the lack of attendance at his restaurant’s launch.

He stated in a video published by the N01 Entertainment YouTube channel that it is not nice to utter negative things and injure others. He insisted that everything between him and Rendon be OK.

“Ay hindi po, wala po ako kakayahan para magsalita po sa mga bagay na ‘yan. Pero ako siyempre, ang push ko sana ay maayos na, at maging okay na ang lahat dahil di maganda na nagsisiraan at may mga sinasabi kang hindi maganda sa kapwa mo,” he said in the interview.

The self-proclaimed motivational speaker earlier declared on Facebook that his Episode Bar + Kitchen restaurant will reopen after being closed for many reasons. It should be noted that his sports bar had to close owing to a lack of sales.

The social media personality unleashed his wrath on his social media account following the failure of his restaurant’s grand opening. Rendon reported that no tickets had been sold for the grand opening event, which featured a variety of performers.

Coco Martin Rendon Business

He also admitted that he was forced to close his company after losing 1.2 million pesos. He even chastised actor-director Coco Martin’s fans. He also called Coco supporters “palamunin” for not being able to afford P2,000 tickets to his grand opening.

Additionally, the motivational speaker posted a comment on his reopening.  He also indicated that he is considering reopening his restaurant to Coco Martin fans.

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