19-Year-Old Rider Surrenders to Authorities After Assaulting Traffic Enforcer

19-Year-Old Rider Nabbed After Assaulting Traffic Enforcer

A 19-year-old motorcycle rider caused a stir in General Santos City after he allegedly almost hit and physically assaulted a traffic enforcer who called his attention for violating traffic regulations.

The suspect, whose identity was not disclosed, eventually surrendered to the authorities after a brief chase.

In a video that circulated on social media, the suspect can be seen on his motorcycle being confronted by the traffic enforcer. The enforcer reportedly flagged down the rider and his passenger for not wearing helmets, which is a traffic violation in the Philippines.

19-Year-Old Rider

However, instead of complying, the suspect attempted to flee the scene by accelerating his motorcycle. In the process, he almost hit the traffic enforcer who managed to dodge his way to avoid being hit.

The suspect reportedly did not stop there and allegedly physically assaulted the traffic enforcer after the latter caught up with him. He reportedly hit the enforcer and even threatened him with a stone before leaving the scene again.

Fortunately, the incident was caught on camera, and the authorities were able to identify the suspect. He eventually surrendered to the Public Safety Office (PSO) of General Santos and is currently facing several charges.

The PSO of General Santos City reminded the public to follow traffic rules and regulations to avoid accidents and to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. They also emphasized that assaulting traffic enforcers and other law enforcement officers is a serious offense that carries severe consequences.

The incident highlights the need to respect and cooperate with law enforcement officers and to avoid resorting to violence to resolve conflicts. The suspect’s actions were unacceptable, and he will have to face the consequences of his actions.

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19-Year-Old Rider

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