Vice Ganda Opens Up About His Anxiety

During his birthday special, Vice Ganda opened up about how his family helped him with his anxiety.

VICE GANDA – Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda opens up about his anxiety and shares how helpful his family has always been at times like this.

Laughing and showing a happy face are not always indications that someone doesn’t carry heavy emotional baggage. We all do have this but some of us are just kind enough to not allow someone to be burdened by our burden.

Vice Ganda, the country’s top comedian, also carries a different kind of pain that they just hide from his fans. He might look like he has everything but seemingly, those things are just on the surface.

And just recently, he opened up about his anxiety.

Vice Ganda
Photo grabbed on YouTube

He did not disclose the things that are making him anxious but he shared that despite going through a difficult emotional burden, he remains grateful because he has his family with him.

He has Ion who is always beside him and this alone helped him a lot to get through those difficult times. Having his family and his partner in his life helped him get through everything.

In Showtime, he shared that he is now not afraid to share with them that he has anxiety. He is no longer afraid f sharing his pain with them because they listen to him and they make him feel better.

Just knowing that he has someone to lean on makes all the heavy baggage feel lighter. These people make his pain more bearable.

“My life is not easy but it is not so difficult because I am with them and they are here around,” he expressed.

Watch this touching moment below:


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