Doug Kramer On Gavin “Who Didn’t Score Any Point” In 1st Game 

This is what Doug Kramer told his son Gavin when he failed to score in his first ball game.

DOUG KRAMER – Former PBA player Doug Kramer earns praises for the inspiring words he shared online for his son Gavin.

Sports, may it be basketball or not, requires a lot of training and in the journey to becoming a good player, one will surely face hard challenges and failures. These hard challenges and failures will be the ones to make a player stronger and braver.

And just recently, Doug Kramer earned praise online. In a post, he shared the inspiring words he imparted to his son Gavin who played his first organized 5-on-5 game last March 25.

He did not score any points in his first ball game but it was no big deal. As a player himself who played basketball for so many years, he surely does know the struggle.

“He didn’t score any point, and I told him he shouldn’t worry about that. There’s much more to basketball than just scoring. It’s all about being a sponge and learning at this point, while trying to have fun,” he said.

Doug expressed that it’s challenging to play against players bigger and by this, he should learn that being bigger, taller, and taller is an advantage. However, these factors might put someone at advantage but this can’t assure success.

“I told him, this is your journey. So enjoy every moment of the highs and lows of the game. Work your way up slowly but surely,” he added.

He is excited for his son and he assured him that he will be right there to cheer for him and guide him.

Their friends cheered for their son and here are some comments from the post:

Goooo Gavin!!! 👏👏 – Danica Pingris

Proud of you, Gavin boy!!!! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 – Iya Villania

damnnn i can see why he beat me in that 1v1

The Kramer not only has the Future Miss Universe but also future Basketball star🙌🙌🙌

Good job, Gavin! Let’s keep working! 💪


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