Netizen Shows Receipts to Denounce Ex-Partner’s ‘Sustento’ Accusations Against Him

Netizen Flexes Receipts to Denounce Ex-Partner’s Accusations Against Him & Prove He is a Good Father

The male netizen being accused of not supporting his own child shows receipts to denounce his ex-partner’s accusations against him.

Veronica Magpayo, a single mother, recently took to Facebook to express her frustration with her ex-boyfriend, Roniel Adrian Cruz, for allegedly failing to provide financial support for their child. This post quickly gained attention from netizens, who were outraged by the situation.

The legal system in the Philippines mandates that fathers are responsible for providing financial support to their children, as stated in Article 195 of the Family Code. Failure to do so can lead to legal repercussions.


Netizens cited this law in her post, emphasizing her ex-boyfriend’s obligation to provide for their child.

Cruz, however, denied the accusations and presented several pieces of evidence to support his claims. He stated that he had been sending financial support to his child, despite being denied visitation rights. He even shared receipts to prove that he had fulfilled his role as a father.

“Naging mabuti kang Ama. Ginawa mo lahat para sa pamilya na gusto mong makasama pang habang buhay pero ito ang nangyari sa loob ng ilang taon. Di ako perpektong tao pero pinasok ko lahat ng trabaho para sa pamilya na meron ako.” Cruz said.


Cruz further accused Magpayo of using the money he was sending to support her current boyfriend instead of their child. He went as far as to post a photo of the construction of their house to demonstrate his ability to support his family financially.

“About sa SUSTENTO ito lahat. Kulang pa yang mga screeshot baka umabot na ng ilang libo yan kakahingi mo sa akin. San ba napupunta yang sustento na yan sa anak mo or sa inyo ng lalaki mo?” he added.


In this case, both parties have presented evidence to support their claims, leaving netizens to speculate and form their own opinions.

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