Single Mom Calls Out Ex-Partner for Not Giving Any Support to Their Child

Single Mom Slams Ex-Partner for Failing to Give Support to Their Child

A single mom called out her ex-partner for not giving any support to their child “Wag nyo itolerate ung lalaki tumatakbo sa resposibilidad.”

Veronica Magpayo, a single mother, recently took to social media to call out her former partner, Roniel Adrian Cruz, for his lack of support towards their child. In a Facebook post, she shared a black and white photo of Cruz, clarifying that he was not deceased and that she was using the post as a reminder to the public not to follow in her ex-partner’s footsteps.

Under the law, fathers are required to provide financial support to their children, and failure to do so can lead to legal charges. Article 195 of the Family Code clearly states that parents are legally obliged to support their children.

Single Mom

Former Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary, Erwin Tulfo, has already warned parents who neglect this responsibility. When one parent is not providing support, legal action may be taken to ensure that the child’s needs are met.

It is unfortunate that there are still cases like this where one parent fails to fulfill their legal and moral obligation to support their child. Single parents, especially those who have been left to raise their child alone, face numerous challenges and difficulties, and the lack of support from the other parent can make things even more challenging.

The single mom’s public call-out is not only a plea for her ex-partner to fulfill his responsibilities but also a reminder to everyone that child support is not optional. It is a legal and moral obligation that should not be taken lightly.

Single Mom

Here is the full post:


*unahan kona kayo di ako bitter karapatan lang ng anak ko dahil matagal akong nanahimik, “anak mo naman yan bat dikanalang mag work para dika mukang kawawa” na provide ko lahat sa anak ko.

Wag nyo itolerate ung lalaki tumatakbo sa resposibilidad. Nasasabi nyo yan kasi wala kayo sa sitwasyon. Matutuwa kabang pa coolkid sa fb? Buhay binata? Luho ng jowa nabibigay? Sa anak kahit zesto wala

Single Mom

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Single Mom

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