Confirm! Erika Portunak is Already Separated from Kobe Paras

Erika Portunak is Confirmed to be Separated from Kobe Paras

Veteran actress Ina Raymundo confirmed that her daughter Erika Portunak and Kobe Paras are no longer together in a relationship.

Erika’s mother confirmed this in an exclusive interview with after being asked about the two’s spreading issue. According to the celebrity mom, the long distance relationship didn’t work out but it was both Erika and Kobe’s decision.

“No, they’re not together. Basta wala na, yun lang. Hindi nag-work. Long distance does not work,” the celebrity mom shared.

“It’s a mutual decision. They’re good, no bitterness, nothing,” she added, based on the article of PEP.

Erika Portunak Kobe Paras

April 2021 when Kobe left the U.P. Maroons varsity team to continue his basketball career in the U.S. and later in Japan. His contract with the Altiri Chiba team of Japan’s B.League Division II was only terminated in March 2023. Erika is presently studying at Berklee College of Music in the U.S.

It should be noted that the two’s “dating rumors” began in June 2022, when their adorable photos were shared on social media while on vacation in Bali, Indonesia. But they were talked about again three months later because netizens noticed that they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

In September, Kobe deleted all of Erika’s Instagram posts and stopped following her. Erika’s Instagram account has also been deleted, and the basketball player’s account is no longer among her followers.

Erika is Ina’s first child with Brian Poturnak, a Canadian. While Kobe is the youngest son of PBA legend and actor Benjie Paras and former actress Jackie Forster.

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