Pinay Stylist Slams NAIA Immigration over Nonsense Interrogation

Pinay Stylist Airs Dismay to NAIA Immigration After Missed Flight Due to Nonsense Interrogation

Pinay fashion stylist and content creator slammed immigration at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after she missed her flight due to nonsense interrogation.

Cham Tanteras, a fashion stylist, freelance writer, and broadcaster, went to the video-sharing platform TikTok to express her displeasure with NAIA immigration. Tanteras described her ordeal in a social media post titled “immigration rant,” which gained widespread attention.

According to her, she missed her 11 a.m. Gulf Air flight to Israel and Palestine in December 2022 because the immigration officer who handled her. She stated that the officer questioned her on matters unrelated to her itinerary.

NAIA Immigration Nonsense Interrogation

She stated that she started lining up at immigration in NAIA Terminal 1 around 7 to 8 a.m. on December 21 because she is traveling alone and does not want to be stuck in the airport’s chaotic lines. She was taken aback, however, when the customs officer began asking her about the purpose of her travel and took her to an office where she was asked further “irrelevant questions” by a certain “Abdullah.”

“The line was so long, since I’m a solo traveler—but, it’s not my first time traveling solo—of course, the immigration officer kept asking questions about my flights, my previous flights, my reason for traveling, which was supposed to be just spending Christmas in Jesus’ birth places,” she said on her video post.

“So, the immigration officer started asking questions about my reason for travel, and then I needed to go through their head office, whatever, and i’ll be asked more questions. I was brought to that immigration office, somewhere in there in Terminal 1 and there was like a long line, and I wasn’t asked right away; I waited for like more than 30 minutes or almost an hour for my turn,” Tanteras added.

Tanteras stated that she was asked whether her parents had divorced and if she had her yearbook with her. Tanteras, who graduated ten years ago, said she was encouraged to present if she had brought a graduation photo with her because she did not bring her yearbook.

Tanteras claimed she answered additional inquiries, such as who booked her travel, despite having a printed copy. Abdullah took out her phone and began checking and studying her email, confirming that she had booked her own flight for December 14.

She also noted in her video post that she was able to prepare additional required documents such as the DTI registration of her freelance business, certificate of employment, bank certificates, certificate of domicile, and previous passports and visas that the immigration officer did not check.

At that time, airport ground workers, according to her, kept returning to the immigration office to inform her that it was her final call and she needed to proceed to the boarding gate. The ground crew also asked if the immigration officer would offboard her since they don’t “need to keep coming back.”

Tanteras claimed she dashed with airport personnel, but it was too late because her boarding gate had closed. Tanteras claimed she dashed with airport personnel, but it was too late because her boarding gate had closed.

“I missed my flight,” she explained in her video, and when she asked what she should do, she was instructed to “simply rebook your flight” for the next day. Her connecting flights the next day, however, are to Tel Aviv.

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  1. talagang wala na tayong magagawa kasi karamihan ngayon ng mga empleado ay pasok ng mga politiko o kaya naman ay kamag anak ng mga opisyales ng bureau. kahit hindi qualified sa position basta malakas ang nagpasok tanggap na. wala ng saysay o importansiya kung pasado ka sa Civil Service,basta may kapit ka lang.


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