NBI Agents Caught on Cam Harassing Media Amid Anti-Drug Ops

Intense Commotion Between NBI Agents and Media Amid Anti-Drug Ops Caught on Cam

Some agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) were caught on camera allegedly harassing media amid an anti-drug operation.

The NBI recently launched an anti-drug operation along Roxas Blvd in the city of Pasay. As part of their work, the journalists responded to the scene to report on the incident.

As part of the operations’ regulations, the NBI required members of the media to sign a witness waiver while conducting an inventory of the collected illegal narcotics. However, none of the journalists signed because the real surgery was not witnessed.

NBI Agents Harassing Media

Based on the video, an agent purportedly harassed a television reporter and labeled him “gay” while a radio reporter chanted while taking a snap of his media ID. The incident immediately reached Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla when a radio host mentioned it in an interview.

“While we try to observe standard operating procedures, given the technicalities in the conduct of field operations, the actions of some of our agents may have offended some media members,” according to the NBI.

Yet, according to the insulted journalists, they can sign if necessary as long as they are treated fairly and are not insulted. The NBI promised to take action to avoid the issue from happening again.

They also stated that they value the media’s involvement in anti-drug operations and will continue to treat them professionally. The NBI, on the other hand, apologized to media members for the event.

“The National Bureau of Investigation offers its apology to the members of the media regarding the incident that transpired at dawn today involving the drug operation in Roxas Boulevard,” according to a statement released this Friday afternoon.

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