Pastor Slams Airline Company for Not Allowing Their Baggage Without Paying

Airline Firm Receives Distasteful Remarks From Pastor For Not Allowing Their Unpaid Baggage

A pastor doing search and rescue operation criticized an airline company for not allowing their baggage without paying.

A volunteer named Pastor Jasper Ivan Iturriaga who was searching for the missing crew of a helicopter piloted by a missionary, Daniel Lui, has criticized Cebu Pacific on social media after the airline denied check-in for their baggage.

In a social media post, Iturriaga shared that their baggage was denied check-in because it was too long, and the airline demanded an additional fee for transport.


“They need to charge us coz it’s 8 inches too long. We told em it’s from volunteers doing search and rescue but won’t give us consideration, @cebupacific y’all not nice,” Pastor Jasper said.

The pastor continued with his mission to find the missing crew, and he sought help from members of the AFP. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the search and rescue operations have not yielded any results.

Daniel and another volunteer nurse, Janelle Alder, went missing on March 1, and the Pastor never stopped looking for their whereabouts.


The pastor’s social media post garnered negative comments towards Cebu Pacific, with netizens criticizing the airline company for not considering the pastor’s situation.

The incident sparked outrage among the public, with many expressing their disappointment towards the airline’s actions.

Despite the criticisms, there were still some who defended Cebu Pacific, stating that they were merely following the rules and regulations of the airline industry. However, the majority of the public disagreed with this stance, pointing out that the situation called for a more compassionate response from the airline.

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