Pastor Slams Airline Company for Not Allowing Their Baggage Without Paying


Airline Firm Receives Distasteful Remarks From Pastor For Not Allowing Their Unpaid Baggage A pastor doing search and rescue operation criticized an airline company for not allowing their baggage without paying. A volunteer named Pastor Jasper Ivan Iturriaga who was searching for the missing crew of a helicopter piloted by a missionary, Daniel Lui, has … Read more

Donita Nose Air Dismay to PAL After Baggage Left in Manila

Donita Nose who is in Bohol Slams PAL After Baggage Left in Manila Comedian Donita Nose slammed the Philippine Airlines (PAL) after his baggage was left in Manila while she was in Bohol. Donita expressed her annoyance at the hardship the Philippine Airlines gave him on Instagram. She claims that while she was traveling to … Read more