Andi Eigenmann Shares How She Lost 60 Pounds

This is how Andi Eigenmann achieved her great and healthy body now.

ANDI EIGENMANN – This is how Andi Eigenmann lost 60 pounds without restricting herself from eating “junk” foods.

Siargao-based actress Andi Eigenmann is indeed a fit momma! The 32-year-old celebrity mom is an inspiration not just to mothers like her but to everyone.

She would often share some glimpses of her body transformation through an Instagram story or Instagram post.

The actress is not just looking fit but also happy!

In an Instagram post, she shared some tips on her journey toward fitness and wellness. And in her recent post, she shared how she’s taking care of her body and physical health.

According to the celebrity mom, her journey was long but it felt like it went by so fast. She actually lost 60 pounds of her weight in a span of two years. And her secret? She eats what she wants.

In her post, this is her answer to people who are asking her what she eats in a day.

“I eat what I want, without being reckless. I lean towards the healthier options but I still give in to my cravings, even if they are ‘junk’.” she said.

This is a way effective for her to lose weight in a sustainable way. She hopes to become a nutritionist one day but for now, one piece of advice she can share is to “eat the rainbow” and not avoid carbs.

She believes that in dieting, one should not leave out any food group as they serve a role to have a healthy body.

It took her two years to lose 60 pounds because she was putting a limit and heading on to another set of goals.

“Listening to my body, and not torturing it, is why I dont end up “binge eating all the weight back” — the most common side effect of DIET TRENDS,” she shared.

She has a holistic approach to her fitness. Food choices are the most essential factor but good exercise and a great mindset also do the trick.


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