Andi Eigenmann is Living the Life that She Dream of

Actress Andi Eigenmann is Proud of how she Become

Andi Eigenmann as currently living in island of Siargao claim that she’s living the life that she always dreamed of and proud how far she become.

Andi Eigenmann was excited to share the first Instagram Reel of her surfing and discuss the importance of recording sessions for surf analysis in order to improve her skills more. The actress from Siargao can be seen showcased her abilities and good moments in the water.

Based on the report of GMA News, the lesson behind Andi’s post is her heartfelt realizations in life and she’s very thankful and contented that she is in a good mental and physical place.

“Safe to say I am now legit living the life I’ve always dreamed of. Just as the lyrics of this song say, no, I am not talking about that ~aesthetic~ island life you see in my instagram. It’s all of it, imperfections, struggles and all,” she wrote.

The report also mentioned that, Andi relate her own life experience,battles and struggles that she face in surfing.

“Just like in my surfing, [I’m] proud to say [I’ve] come a long way,” she said. “But what helps me improve is going through it (life + surfing) always wanting to learn more and figure out how to get better. Plus of course, not to forget, doing it all with a smile.” she added.

Andi Eigenmann
Photo Credits: Inquirer. Entertainment

Meanwhile, Andi also happily announced on her social media account that she joined her first surfing competition. She also said that she made it to second round and also thanked her fiancé Philmar Alipayo for helping her in her surfing journey.

However, Andi also mentioned that living in the Island of Siargao is living in her dream when she was just 11-years-old. She is living in Island with her fiancé Philmar Alipayo which is also a professional surfer and their two kids and Andi’s daughter Ellie.

Recently they build their own home in the Island and they own a surfing school and a snack bar.

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