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Couple Doing ‘Lampungan’ While Ordering at Fast-Food Kiosk Goes Viral Online

Couple Doing ‘Lampungan’ While Ordering at Fast-Food Kiosk Goes Viral Online

Sweet Couple Elicits Reactions Online for Doing ‘Lampungan’ While Ordering at Fast-Food Kiosk

A sweet couple doing ‘lampungan’ while ordering at a fast-food kiosk goes viral and elicits reactions from the netizens.

Public displays of affection, commonly known as PDA, are gestures of physical affection between individuals in public spaces. PDA can include anything from holding hands and hugging to more intimate acts such as kissing or embracing.

While some people find PDA endearing, others find it inappropriate or even offensive. It can be a controversial topic, with opinions ranging from disgust to admiration.


However, one couple recently found themselves in the spotlight for their sweet and romantic gestures while ordering in a well-known fast food chain.

A viral post by Brian Simbulan Velilia gathered humorous and witty lines after sharing a photo of what seemed to be a couple at a branch of a popular fast-food restaurant in the country. The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

According to Brian, he did not expect his post to go viral. He captured the unknown couple at a branch of McDonald’s in Manila. He also mentioned that they were attention-grabbing because they looked very sweet while ordering at the food kiosk.

The couple was spotted standing at a food kiosk, with the male embracing his girlfriend from behind.

“By partner pala pag order sa kiosk, kaya pinapila ako sa counter, Kung sino man yung magjowa na yan, wag po sana kayo magagalit sakin. Ininggit nyo naman ako eh,” Velilia commented on his own post:

Here is the full post:

Yung kumain sa Mcdo afford ko pa, pero yung umorder ng may kayakap hindi na”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:


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  1. What’s wrong with being romantic as long as you don’t break any laws. Sheesh, people should mind their own business.


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